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In an ever-changing market, finding the right trade and a fitting training program might seem like an impossible task. Enter Top of the Line Barber College, founded by Anthony Gibson.

Since our founding in 2005,  we've been committed to providing the highest quality education focused on professionalism, creativity and advanced hands-on skills. Our program is flexible and our teachers are the best in their field. So if you’re ready to roll up your sleeves, learn a new trade and make new friends - get in touch today.

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Our Mission Statement

Top of the Line Barber College will provide an effective program of study for students who are interested in a career as a professionally licensed barber or master hair care specialist.

Our Vision

Top of the Line Barber College will be the premier barber training institution in the state of South Carolina. We will offer a diverse and innovative educational training program in a highly technical and competitive global market. Once we have established firm roots in South Carolina, then we will expand nationally.

Our Philosophy

At Top of the Line Barber College, we are committed to maintaining a culture of professional decorum. We believe in empowering students to complete goals by providing educational resources that will enable them to achieve their career aspirations and inspire them to become lifelong learners. We view education as a collaboration of family, faculty, staff and community to provide academically challenging lessons to prepare students for success in the technologically-advanced job market. We train individuals to achieve success through the delivery of a barber training program that challenges, nurtures and expands the skills, talents, and interests of our students.

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