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About Us

Proudly Leading the Way Forward

At Top of the Line Barber College, we are committed to maintaining a culture of professional decorum. We believe in empowering students to complete goals by providing educational resources that will enable them to achieve their career aspirations and inspire them to become lifelong learners. We view education as a collaboration of family, faculty, staff and community to provide academically challenging lessons to prepare students for success in the technologically-advanced job market. We train individuals to achieve success through the delivery of a barber training program that challenges, nurtures and expands the skills, talents, and interests of our students.

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Our Story

Top of the Line Barber College was founded in 2005 by Anthony Gibson, a native son of Charleston,SC.  The school was founded out of necessity as he discovered there was a lack of truly qualified applicants to fill open positions in his barbershop and beauty salon respectively.  Anthony had, in previous years, trained select individuals as apprentices within his own barbershop. So with his options limited, Anthony endeavored to establish a training school to ensure he would have candidates to fill any future openings in his businesses.  Most importantly, he could ensure that graduates of his program would be highly skilled and possess the business acumen necessary to achieve sustainable success.

Once he had made the decision to open a school, Anthony had to choose a name and location for this new venture.  He chose to close his barbershop in West Ashley and use that location to establish his school.  After much thought, Anthony decided to utilize the same brand name he had established for his barbershops and beauty salons, "Top of the Line"; thus Top of the Line Barber College was born.


After months of renovations, Anthony was ready to open his new school.  The SC Board of Barber Examiners granted Anthony approval to open a school on August 10, 2005 and thus, Top of the Line Barber College was officially established.  The first class of students enrolled in September 2005. 


The school and the barbering program were granted accredited status in 2013 by the National Accrediting Commission of Career Arts & Sciences (NACCAS).  As a result, Top of the Line Barber College held the unique status as Charleston's only accredited barbering program for many years.

Since its founding, Anthony and Top of the Line Barber College have earned recognition as the premiere barber training program in Charleston, SC.  Anthony, Top of the Line Barber College, and his faculty have earned reputations as committed community servants who proudly and freely give back. 

Meet The Team

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Top of the Line Barber College will provide an effective program of study for students who are interested in a career as a professionally licensed barber or master hair care specialist.

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