Admissions Eligibility

This school does not discriminate in its employment, admission, instruction, or graduation policies on the basis of sex, age, race, color, religion, or ethnic origin nor does it actively recruit students already attending or admitted to another school offering similar programs of study.  We welcome all qualified individuals to apply for enrollment.

  1. Age:  All applicants for enrollment must be at least seventeen (17) years old.
    a.    Vital Statistics Birth Certificate


  2. Identity:  All applicants must submit a valid, government issued identification card.
    a.    Driver’s License
    b.    State Identification Card
    c.    Active-Duty Military/Veterans Identification Card

  3. Citizenship/Residency:  All applicants must be either a natural born US citizen or a legally authorized immigrant to the US.
    a.    Social Security Card
    b.    Unexpired Reentry Permit (1-327)
    c.    Permanent Resident Card or Alien Registration Receipt Card With Photograph (1-551)
    d.    Unexpired Refugee Travel Document (1-571)
    e.    Unexpired Employment Authorization Card Which Contains a Photograph (l-766)
    f.    Machine Readable Immigrant Visa (with Temporary 1-551 Language)
    g.    Temporary 1-551 Stamp (on passport or 1-94)
    h.    1-94 (Arrival/Departure Record) in Unexpired Foreign Passport
    i.    1-20 (Certificate of Eligibility for Non-immigrant, F-1, Student Status)
    j.    DS2019 (Certificate of Eligibility for Exchange Visitor, J-1, Status)


  4. Health:  All applicants must submit documentation proving that he/she is not infected with tuberculosis.
    a.    Tuberculosis Screening Results:  Screening must have been conducted in the last twelve (12) months.
    b.    Chest X-Ray:  X-Ray must have been conducted in the last twelve (12) months.


  5. Education:  All applicants must submit proof of high school graduation.
    a.    High School Diploma
    b.    GED/State Approved Alternative
    c.    Official School Transcript:  Must explicitly state applicant’s high school graduation date.
    d.    An academic transcript of a student who has successfully completed at least a two-year program that is acceptable for full credit towards a bachelor’s degree.
    e.    Foreign Applicants:  Should an enrolling student provide a foreign high school diploma; the institution will work with the student to obtain an English translation of the document along with confirmation that the education received is equivalent to a U.S. high school diploma.  This documentation must come from an outside agency.
    f.    Ability to Benefit:  This school does not admit students who have completed an Ability-to-Benefit evaluation.


  6. Transfer Students:  Transfer students must officially withdraw, if they have not already done so, from their previous school prior to applying for admission at Top of the Line Barber College.  
    a.    Transfer Hours:  Transfer students must submit must submit hours, via an official school transcript, to be considered for course credit prior to signing an enrollment contract.  The acceptance of transfer hours is at the discretion of the school and its faculty; additionally, transfer hours will be accepted except where prohibited by state law.  ANY TRANSFER STUDENT MUST ENROLL FOR A MINIMUM OF 500 HOURS.


Enrollment Process


  1. Complete Enrollment Application:  An applicant must obtain an enrollment application, either in person or via the school’s website.  The enrollment application consists of three sections.  The first section is the actual application; this is where the applicant will provide identifying information such as their name, DOB, SSN.  It is also where the applicant will decide which class section their wish to enroll in, full-time or part-time.  The second section of the application is an essay question.  Applicants’ response must be at least one (1) paragraph in length.  The third and final section is a letter of recommendation that must be completed by an individual of the applicant's choosing.

    Application Fee:  Applicants must submit a non-refundable application fee of $75.00 along with this application.  Application packets will not be accepted without the required fee.


  2. Complete Student Barber Permit Application:  Applicants must complete an application for a Student Barber Permit; the permit is issued by the SC Board of Barber Examiners, the state licensing agency.  The permit and the number attached to it is used by school officials to record and report a student’s training hours completed each month.  The application may be obtained from school officials or directly from the link above.  Applicants may also obtain the permiSC Board of Barber Examiners’ website.  The link for the website is

    Application Fee:  The SC Board of Barber Examiners requires a $35.00 non-refundable application fee be submitted with all student barber permit applications.


  3. Submit Application Packet:  Applicants must submit both completed applications, including the required application fees, and the required admissions eligibility documentation in person to an admissions representative.  The representative will review the applications for accuracy and, if no errors are found, approve the applicant’s enrollment into the program.

  4. State Board Approval:  An applicant cannot be admitted into our program until the SC Board of Barber Examiners issues a student-barber permit for the individual.  If the Board declines to issue the applicant a permit, then his/her enrollment application will be cancelled.  If the Board approves the permit, then the applicant is officially admitted into the program.

  5. Negotiate Payment Terms:  Once an applicant has been admitted into the program, then he/she must make suitable arrangements to pay their outstanding tuition bill.  The following payment terms are available:

    1.)Submit entire payment at time of enrollment.
    2.)Submit down payment and required fees at the time of enrollment, then choose one of the following options:

    A.)Pay remaining balance before classes begin.
    B.)Set up school approved payment plan for remaining balance.
    C.)Apply for Title IV Federal Financial Aid and use benefits awarded to pay tuition.
    D.)Apply Veteran’s Education & Training Benefits towards tuition.
    E.)Finance remaining balance through private lender.


  6. Sign Enrollment Contract:  Once an applicant and school officials agree on payment terms, then the enrollment agreement will be drafted.  The agreement will explicitly state the length of enrollment, payment terms, and other required stipulations as governed by federal, state, and local regulations.  Once the applicant and a school official fully endorse the agreement, he/she is considered an official student of Top of the Line Barber College.  School officials will provide the student with a copy of the fully endorsed contract and schedule an orientation session.

  7. Re-Entry Students:  Any student who withdraws from the barbering program prior to graduation has the option of re-enrolling in the program. The following conditions apply.

    A.)If the student withdraws, but then chooses to re-enroll within 90 days, a new enrollment contract must be signed.  The student will retain the same class standing and will return to barber theory class in the same unit they were studying at the time of their withdrawal.
    B.)If the student chooses to re-enroll more than 90 days after officially withdrawing, then the student must complete a new application and sign a new enrollment contract.  The student will receive credit for all training hours and barber theory coursework completed except where prohibited by state law.  The student will retain the same class standing and will return to barber theory class in the same unit they were studying at the time of their withdrawal.  In the case that a new edition or a revision to the current edition of the state approved textbooks occurs after a student’s withdrawal, but prior to their re-entry, the student will be required to review and re-take any applicable barber theory tests to demonstrate mastery of the new standards.

Campus Address:

1904 Savannah Hwy,

Units 101, 102 & 201

Charleston, SC 29407


(843) 573-0078