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A Solid Foundation

Our barber training program is designed to empower aspiring barbers with the skills, knowledge and experience they need to succeed in this dynamic and exciting industry. Our comprehensive curriculum includes instruction in modern barber techniques, business management training, customer service skills training, all while encouraging creativity and self-expression. By graduation, you'll be fully prepared to take on any challenge that comes your way as a professional barber.



Training Requirement: 1,500 Clock Hours


Section:  Full Time
Class Length
:  43 Weeks
Weekly Class Pace: 35 Clock Hours/Week
Daily Class Pace:  7 Clock Hours/Day

Daily Class Schedule:  9:00am - 4:30pm, Tuesday - Saturday

Section:  Part Time - Morning

Class Length:  75 Weeks

Weekly Class Pace: 20 Clock Hours/Week
Daily Class Pace:  4 Clock Hours/Day

Daily Class Schedule:  9:00am - 1:00pm, Tuesday - Saturday

Section:  Part Time - Evening

Class Length:  75 Weeks

Weekly Class Pace: 20 Clock Hours/Week
Daily Class Pace:  5 Clock Hours/Day

Daily Class Schedule:  5:00pm - 10:00pm, Tuesday - Friday


  1. Program Director:  Rashun Garris

  2. Classroom Instructor:  Robert Gathers

  3. Classroom Instructor:  Keith Hale

  4. Program Coordinator:  Pertina Reid

  5. Program Coordinator:  Siane Stripling


  1. Textbook: Milady Standard Barbering Textbook 6th ed (E-Book)- Printed Access Card ISBN-13: 9781337298902

  2. Workbook: Milady Standard Barbering Student Workbook - ISBN 1305100662

  3. Exam Review: Milady Standard Barbering Exam Review - ISBN 1305100670


  1. Professionalism:  Students will utilize ethical business practices when conducting business and act with a sense of personal integrity.  Students will dress professionally in accordance with modern industry standards.

  2. Business Acumen:  Students will use sound judgement and exercise fiscal discipline to make informed business decisions.

  3. Critical Thinking:  Students will be able to make decisions based upon logic, reason, and thorough analysis.

  4. Communication Skills:  Students will be able to communicate with clients, peers, and other professionals using the correct industry terminology.

  5. Practical Skills:  Students will be able to demonstrate mastery of the practical hands-on skills utilized by industry professionals.


The curriculum utilized by school officials has been approved by the SC Board of Barber Examiners, the state licensing and regulatory agency, for use in approved barber training programs. The curriculum has been divided into two (2) separate and distinct licensure tracks; Registered Barber & Master Hair Care Specialist.  Please select the links below to access the program curriculum that most interests you.


A student must meet the following prerequisites to be considered eligible for graduation.  Students who meet all of the conditions listed below will receive a diploma from the Campus Director.

  1. Training Hours:  All candidates for graduation must have completed 1,500 clock hours of training or have completed the training hours contracted with the institution in the case of transfer students.

  2. Academic CourseworkAll candidates for graduation must have successfully completed all written barber theory tests and practical skills evaluations with a minimum score of 70%.

  3. Practical Assignments:  Candidates must make an attempt to serve each client they are assigned in the practical clinic.

  4. Administrative Paperwork:  Candidates must complete all required administrative paperwork such as the "Exit Interview" and, if applicable, all required Title IV or VA exit documentation with a school official.

  5. Financial Obligations:  Candidates must fulfill all financial obligations including paying any outstanding tuition balance, replacement fees for damaged/broken equipment, and any other applicable fees.  Candidates who fail to fulfill their financial obligations will not be approved for graduation by school officials.

  6. Complete Test Application:  Candidates must complete an application for the state licensing examination prior to graduation.  A school official will assist the student with completing the application, submitting the required documentation, and paying for the examination.

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