Tuition & Fees

​The tuition rate applies to all applicants for enrollment excluding transfer students; furthermore, the tuition rate is the same for both full time and part time classes.  Transfer students are charged an hourly rate for any training hours required.  The fees listed below apply all applicants for enrollment, including transfer students.

Tuition = $17,500.00
Textbook Bundle = $225.00
Training Kit = $1,500.00
Uniforms = $500.00

Testing Fee = $175.00

Technology Fee = $100.00

Registration Fee = $200.00

Total Tuition & Fees = $20,200.00

Transfer Student Tuition

Tuition charges for transfer students are based upon the number of training hours the transfer student is seeking to complete at our school.  Transfer students are charged an hourly rate for any training hours required as opposed to a flat tuition rate.  Please note that any transfer student must enroll in a minimum of 500 clock hours.  Additionally, transfer students are still responsible for paying all required fees at the time of enrollment.

Transfer Student Hourly Tuition Rate = $11.67/training hour required (500 Hour Minimum)

Re-Entry Student Tuition
If a student, who previously withdrew from the barbering program wishes to re-enroll, then the following conditions apply.

  1. If a student chooses to re-enroll within ninety (90) days of their official withdrawal date, then said student is eligible to re-enroll under their original enrollment contract.

  2. If a student chooses to re-enroll more than ninety (90) days after their official withdrawal date, then said student must reapply for admission and, if accepted, sign a new enrollment contract.  In such cases, re-entry students will be charged the currently hourly tuition rate ($11.67/clock hour) for any training hours required.

Enrollment Contract Expiration & Additional Training Hours

It is not realistic to expect to receive an education for free.  The school has reserved space, equipment, and licensed instructors for each student.  A grace period of approximately twenty-five percent has been added to the calculated completion date for each program. If a student has not completed the required training hours at the end of the contracted period, then he/she will be required to pay for additional instructional time to complete any remaining training hours.

If a student does not earn all required training hours within the contracted period, additional training hours will be billed at the rate of $250 per week, or any part thereof, payable in advance, until completion. Students will not be allowed to clock in until applicable weekly payments are made. Please note that the date of the maximum time frame for completion of the program will not change under these circumstances. 

Authorized Methods of Payment
The following methods of payment have been approved for tuition and fees payments.

  1. Cash

  2. Cashier’s Check/Personal Check/Money Order

  3. Title IV Federal Financial Aid Programs

  4. Veteran’s Education & Training Benefits

  5. Private Loans, Grants and Scholarships

Authorized Payment Terms
The following payment terms have been approved for tuition and fees payments.

  1. Submit entire payment at time of enrollment.

  2. Submit down payment and required fees at the time of enrollment, then choose one of the following options:
    A.) Pay remaining balance before classes begin.
    B.) Set up school approved payment plan for remaining balance.
    C.) Finance remaining balance through private lender.

  3. Apply for Title IV Federal Financial Aid and use benefits awarded to pay tuition.

  4. Apply Veteran’s Education & Training Benefits towards tuition.

cares Act allocation

Top of the Line Barber College received an allocation of $47,386.00 from the CARES Act.  The funds were disbursed to all enrolled students.

Financial Aid

This institution participates in the Title IV Federal Financial Aid programs administered by the US Dept. of Education.  Please select one of the links below to discover more information on how to apply for financial aid.

Active Duty Military, Veterans, Spouses & Dependents

This institution has been approved by the SC Commission on Higher Education, the state approving agency, to accept Veteran's Education Benefits (VEB) such as the G.I. Bill.  If you are an active-duty service member, a veteran, or the dependent/spouse of a veteran and are interested in using VEB to pay tuition, please contact the VA to determine your eligibility for said benefits. 

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