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Barbering: Part Time - Evenings




75 Weeks


About the Course

The barbering program provides students with instruction in written barber theory and hands-on practical skills training. Additionally, students will receive instruction in business management which will enable them to properly monetize their barbering skills. This is achieved through a combination of classroom lectures and presentations along with practical laboratory demonstrations.

Faculty members also utilize a select group of industry experts to provide specialized training and demonstrations in a specific skill or area. Successful graduates of the barbering program will be prepared to obtain licensure and seek out gainful employment as a registered barber or master hair care specialist.

The part time course is designed for individuals who are unable to meet the full time class schedule. The class is scheduled for twenty (20) clock hours each week. This class section is scheduled for evenings; the class runs from 5:00pm - 10:00pm, Tuesday - Friday.

Your Instructor

Robert "Antoine" Gathers

Robert "Antoine" Gathers

Mr. Gathers is an industry veteran with over a decade of experience. He is known for his unique and distinct sense of style. He provides guidance and counseling to students in need.

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